The Autism Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization
    serving students on the Autism Spectrum in southern
    Maryland. We work with students on all levels of the
    spectrum upon initial diagnosis through adulthood.
    We pride ourselves on adapting to the ever evolving
    needs of our students.  

    Behavior, sensory skills and play are primary concerns
    for your younger students while socialization, vocational
    skills and daily living skills are main the focus for our older

    Our programs emphasize social skills, communication, recreation/leisure skills,
    community skills, daily living skills and the generalization of academic skills.

    Programs here offer our students training in:
    •  Generalized academic subjects such as math, reading, and writing for daily use
    •  Social skills including communication, sharing, taking turns, waiting, being flexible and following
    •  Daily living skills: grooming, personal hygiene, and age appropriate chores
    •  Recreational and leisure skills that encourage them to participate in community service projects
    •  Pre-vocational skills in preparation for adult life

    Our Mission
    To educate, advocate for and empower individuals on the Autism Spectrum, their families, and communities; and to build mutually
    beneficial relationships among them.  

    Core Values

    1. Learning should be individualized and occur across all developmental domains
    Our students come to us with very diverse and specialized needs. We strive to work with
    each student at their level while maintaining age appropriate activities. We look for opportunities
    to teach the "whole child" and develop skills in all developmental domains.

    2. Therapy should be collaborative
    The Autism Project makes every effort to collaborate with families and other professionals
    delivering therapeutic activities to the student.
    We realize that collaboration is essential to progress and ensures consistency within programming.

    3. An eclectic approach leads to the greatest progress
    The Autism Project does not exclusively follow any one particular treatment approach,but rather employs multiple techniques to best
    suit the individual. We pride ourselves on using the best practices available for students on the spectrum; in that we realize what
    may work for one student may not work for another. Some of the treatment approaches commonly utilized in our therapies include
    TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication-Handicapped Children), Sensory Integration, Social
    Stories, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Incidental Teaching, Floor time, Discrete Trial Training, Montessori and
    Daily Life Therapy
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